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Online Casino Sign Up Tips for Australian Players

Publishing: March 7, 2018

Many Australian players don’t realise that they must complete the online casino verification process when playing in the real money mode at any of our top-rated Australian gambling sites. If you don’t complete the verification process it means that you won’t be able to make any deposits/withdrawals, or your account may even be frozen until it has been completed.

The verification team at the casino will request certain details from you and such as a recent scanned colour copy of your photo ID (passport or driver’s license) and also a recent bank statement or energy bill that clearly has your full name and current address on. Your ID must be valid (i.e. not out of date) and your other documents (e.g. electric or gas bill, bank statement or mobile phone bill) must be less than three months old or they will NOT be accepted.

This process can take anywhere from just 24 hours up to in some cases as long as five days to complete. The casino may request this information from you at any time, at which point your account will temporarily be frozen/locked, but there’s nothing to worry about providing you have sent the correct information that was requested. The reason why you have to do this is to protect you as a player and also to protect the casino.

It not only prevents multiple accounts from being opened by the same player. It also helps to prevent underage gambling, fraudulent accounts being opened and other fraudulent activity. Rather than waiting for the casino to request these documents from you and to avoid any unwanted interruptions, there are in fact ways that you can speed up the verification. For example a growing number of online casinos let you send these documents in as soon as you sign up to the casino.

Just login to your account and contact the toll-free player support via the live chat feature. They should be able to point you in the right direction. There may even be an upload option where you can upload your documents to the live chat player support agent and they will be able to forward the documents on to the verification department for you. Alternatively, go to the ‘My Account’ area or similar area of the casino when signed in and you should be able to find a section here where you can upload your documents.