Northern Beaches Council Back Policy to Reduce Pokie Machines

Publishing: September 27, 2018

The Northern Beaches Council (a local government sect in New South Wales) has backed a proposal that aims to reduce the number of pokies in public venues situated in the area. The new policy was passed after it received a total of eight supporting votes and aims at reducing the impacts of gambling addiction on the local community.

 Policy to Reduce Pokie Machines

Despite strong opposition from community advocacy groups, the policy will not allow local government to suspend the operation of existing pokie machines.

New Policy Backed by Locals

Although the new pokie policy was introduced to the government by councillor Pat Daley, the plan quickly garnered the support of local member as well as even well-known political rivals.

One notable story was that of Joy Van Duinen, a community member knowledgeable about the unfortunate and harmful effects of problem gambling. Van Duinens son (who sadly took his own life earlier this year) was formerly a problem gambler. She stated that she had been unaware of the terrible impact gambling could have on lives until she witnessed her own sons issues.

Some of the restrictions asked the government to implement included ATM cashout restrictions as well as restrictions on playtime, among other self-exclusion related suggestions. Local government officials have stated that they plan to work closely with the venues that offer pokie machines toward a solution that is beneficial to all parties involved. The policy will supposedly be implemented through strict consultation with all stakeholders.


Northern Beaches Council is the second local government council to introduce a new law aimed at reducing the amount of gambling harm wrought by unregulated pokies. There will probably be more local sects to follow as Australians make a stronger push towards gambling reform.

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