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Gambling Conference to be Held in Sydney in August

Publishing: June 11, 2014

Beacon Events announced in a press release in late May that they'll be hosting the Gaming Racing and Wagering. Australia GRWA 2014 conference in Sydney between the 11th and 13th of August. The conference will take place at the Swissotel hotel in down town Sydney, with registrations for the event being accepted until early July.

The annual three-day event gathers more than 150 of Australia’s premier names in the gaming and racing industries together to talk about the state of their business, discuss regulations, network with other industry professionals, witness some of the upcoming innovations in the industry, and witness presentations and lectures by some of the industry’s leading minds. The even is the largest gaming conference in the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of the highlights of this year’s conference include a new presentation format that will prove more interactive and entertaining for the audience, allowing them to get involved first hand and see techniques demonstrated in a new light. The event will also host a wealth of new speakers both local and foreign, who bring with them years of experience in the Australian and global gaming industries.

Some of the confirmed speakers for the upcoming event include James Burnett, the marketing and communications general manager for Ladbrokes; Jason Neave, the founder and CEO of Punt Club; Ken Gamble (he sure got into the right industry), the executive chairman of Internet Fraud Watchdog; Matt Ryan, a gaming analyst for JP Morgan; and Tim Moore-Barton, the commercial and strategy director for Betfair.

Some of the planned workshops include: “Developing the disruptor: Real money skill and wagering games”; “Australia’s VIP gaming offerings and strategies for growth”; “Responsible gaming in Australia: Next steps for the industry”; “Five essential aspects of running an online sports betting operation”; “Mobile Punting 2.0: Examining the strongest mobile sports products on the market today”; and “Addressing the success factors leading to growth in Australia’s racing industry”.

In addition to the wealth of knowledgeable speakers, the event will include an additional day of post-conference work shopping that is new to this year’s event. Topics covered on that day will include mobile sports betting and gaming, the fastest growing niche in those industries, and casino marketing strategies, an important component of success in the increasingly competitive online gaming world.